Leadership Coaching

Coaching used to be the final effort prior to firing an individual; today it helps people transition into new roles, adapt to the corporate culture, and maximize their talents. A critical component in successful coaching is the relationship between the coach and the one being coached. It’s a little bit science and a little bit art; finding a useful coach can often be a hit and miss proposition. Certainly, wise coaches know their strengths, biases, and limits and can appreciate what success looks like for the individual being coached. For the person looking for a coach, having a clear idea of why a coach is desirable and how will success be measured is necessary.

Benefits for You as You Are Coached:

  • Feeling I was really heard and understood
  • The coaching is completely customized to me
  • Seeing myself objectively—getting outside of myself to see myself
  • It’s exclusively about me and void of generic solutions
  • The payoffs are meaningful to me
  • Tapping into my natural motivation, listening style, and preferences
  • Knowing why I do what I do (and what I can do differently)
  • Understanding the root causes of my own negative behaviors
  • Having a visible picture of myself
  • Knowing how to consciously reward and replenish myself
  • Having a way to choose balance
  • Growing for future performance/job roles
  • Transitioning to a new job
  • Knowing what must be changed or given up in order to attain future success