Interpersonal Interventions

When two people or two groups simply cannot get along, drastic measures are required. Having neutral, non-biased conflict resolution facilitators is critical as is their ability to deal with messy human emotions. With extreme situations each individual or group must feel understood and supported; teams of Personalysis consultants work with the individuals both separately and collectively to advocate, mediate, problem-solve, and develop future behavioral strategies, delivering solid, positive results to their leader(s). Although each intervention is completely customized based on the situation, key components include:

  • Using Personalysis as a common language for understanding human behavior
  • Clarifying the professional goals of both parties
  • Providing each a safe environment in which to be heard
  • Negotiating a mutually agreed on future and specific action plans for each to move forward
  • Facilitating developmental discussions between the two parties and a report-out to their leader(s)