Introduction to Personalysis Workshop

Personalysis Basic Programs:

Basic Workshop: for Groups

This team-building workshop is designed for intact work teams. Examples, exercises, and discussion are based on your profiles. You and your associates apply the Personalysis technology to gain insights into yourselves. As you discover a new vocabulary for describing behavior, you become more objective, less judgmental, and more understanding of others, especially those who are different from you.


To provide a common language for understanding and describing the personalities of yourself and others

Desired Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Explain the meanings of the Dimensions and Colors
  • Be more self-aware and better self-manage
  • Validate your own profile
  • Increase your personal effectiveness
  • Apply Personalysis concepts through exercises and discussions
  • Understand people who are different from you
  • Identify personal action items


Benefits for Your Organization

  • Increased team understanding and higher morale
  • Common neutral, descriptive, nonjudgmental language
  • Shared framework for understanding people
  • Improved communication and conflict management
  • Understanding of trust requirements


Benefits for You

  • Understand how you are alike and different from your team
  • Know how to leverage your strengths within your team
  • Contextual map for strengthening team communication
  • Know how and why you can feel frustrated by your team
  • Be a better team member



Time Two Days
Location Your Site
  • Intact work group
  • All organized members
Day One The basics in the large group
Day Two Individuals’ profiles review in small groups (103 hours per group)
Numbers Up to 20 people
Pre-work Read your Report and review your Report Guide