Teambuilding with Personalysis | Team Relations

This customized teambuilding program is designed specifically to meet the needs of the team. It covers a wide range of topics — from individual profile review in the group to interventions for team improvement. Unique for this application is the graphic representation of the team, the Group Dynamic Profile (GDP). Effective team development begins with understanding how the team operates as a unit. This facilitates developing strategies to strengthen team accomplishments. Whatever the team’s state (wonderful or terrible), this knowledge leads to increased effectiveness.


To use Personalysis data to enhance team performance

Desired Outcomes

  • You will be able to:
  • Apply the Personalysis concepts of Dimensions, Colors, and Color Clusters
  • Describe the strengths and potential blind sides of individuals
  • Identify assets, trends, and vulnerabilities of the team
  • Compare and contrast individual profiles with the team’s profile
  • Analyze current state of the team’s functioning
  • Develop action plans for the team and individuals to impact team performance



  • Understanding individual strengths in relation to the team
  • Seeing the personality of the team as a whole
  • Dealing with underlying issues of communication, trust, commitment, etc.
  • Creating a clear vision for the team as well as a plan for moving there
  • Reduced misunderstanding, mismanagement, mistrust, miscommunication, and conflict
  • Higher team productivity and improved team morale



Time One Day
Location Your site or by video conference
  • Teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Matrixed relationships
Numbers 3-12 people
  • Executive Leadership Program or Basic Workshop
  • Agenda and goals discussion between team’s leader and consultant