Executive Leadership Development

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Executive Leadership Program: for Individuals


Executive Leadership Development | Personalysis

This unique learning experience is customized for you and your needs. A one-on-one experience — just you and your Personalysis Consultant — allows you to focus on your career and work-related topics. Using Personalysis data, you accelerate your personal and career development. Our practical and hands-on executive leadership development session helps you develop strategies to make you more effective and successful.


To provide a working knowledge of Personalysis and apply your insights to all aspects of your life

Desired Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Describe Personalysis technology in terms of the Dimensions and Colors
  • Appreciate your personal strengths and better manage your vulnerabilities
  • Understand key relationships — personal, leaders, peers, and direct reports
  • Develop communication strategies for relationships
  • Increase your own flexibility and decrease stress
  • Better develop relationships of trust
  • Create motivating environments for individuals
  • Identify sources of potential conflict, miscommunication, mismanagement, and misunderstanding
  • Coach for increased performance and effectiveness

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Enhance your personal, interpersonal, team, and leadership effectiveness
  • Plan, lead, and manage change
  • Create cooperative, high-performing teams
  • Consciously plan and employ diversity

Benefits for You

  • Enrich your personal life and relationships
  • Obtain a better work-life balance
  • Manage yourself and personal relationships more competently
  • Reach your personal and professional goals
  • Receive coaching on improving relationships


Time Two Days
Location Houston, Texas
  • Leaders
  • Senior Executives
  • High potential performers
  • Profile friends & family (five complimentary), peers, direct reports, and other organizational members
  • Review your report and Report Guide
  • Outline your goals for program