Personalysis Report and Colorgraph | Personality Type Assessment | Personalyis, Houston, TX, USA

Personalysis is a proprietary personality assessment tool that provides you with insights into how people think, feel, deal with others, and cope under stress.  Today’s corporate environment requires you to work closely with others to achieve organizational goals, yet the shortened time frames and greater geographical distances no longer allow you the luxury of “hit or miss” relationship building.  This creates road blocks to productivity by making it difficult to understand and accommodate personality differences within the workplace.

You can take the guesswork out of understanding people and why they do what they do.  The simple, 15-minute online questionnaire results in the Personalysis Report, a written personality interpretation, and the Personalysis Colorgraph, an easy-to-use graphical personality snapshot.  The data—depicted as colors, shapes, and numbers—enables you to understand differences, grow, and manage others.  The Colorgraph images displayed in your workplace serve as visual clues to help you and others stay on target.

By using our personality assessment tool, you can employ real-world solutions to overcome obstacles, accelerate teamwork, and create productive working relationships throughout your organization.  By depicting behavior objectively and graphically, road blocks caused by style and personality differences are eliminated, and people are able to stay focused on achieving goals.