The Personalysis Profile


We believe that every person is Wired to Thrive. That every human being shares fundamental needs: to connect with others, contribute their best, and take care of who and what they care about.

The Challenge: People are complex, adaptive, and each person has a personality – their own unique wiring pattern that makes them who they are. And we don’t come with instructions.

Personalysis changes that. The Personalysis Profile offers a multi-dimensional framework to understand our shared operating system and reveals individual differences within that system. The Personalysis Colorgraph creates a brilliant graphic of individual ‘wiring patterns’ that represent how different people experience different drives at different times. Armed with that knowledge, people learn how to better manage their energy, honor differences, and connect and collaborate with others. They discover how to thrive personally and professionally, individually and collectively.

A New View of Personality:  Commitment. Connection. Contribution.

The Personalysis Profile offers a new way to see people through a multi-dimensional lens. The simple, 15-minute online questionnaire generates results, including the Personalysis Colorgraph, that allows people to quickly see patterns of strengths – their unique personal wiring pattern. They discover how they are wired to thrive, including how they:

  • Commit: make decisions, learn, adapt to change

  • Connect: share and receive information, approach their work and expect others to interact

  • Contribute: do their best work, sustain high performance and develop most quickly

Personalysis can help people develop a new story of who they are, who they can be, and see new possibilities for creating a brighter future.  They learn how to channel their energy to develop more capacity and confidence. For teams, the Personalysis Group Dynamics Profile is a catalyst to transform groups into teams, to allow individuals to not only understand but leverage diversity to collaborate. Personalysis offers a way for individuals and teams to bring all of who they are to everything they do, to consciously develop better relationships and achieve better results.

If you want to live, lead and work with passion and purpose, develop more confidence and contribute your unique gifts to the world, contact us. We work with a network of amazing coaches and consultants who have deep experience and expertise in using Personalysis and a passion for helping people, teams and organizations thrive.