The Personalysis Profile

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To succeed, people must collaborate to achieve organizational goals. Yet the increased pace of change, time pressure and the virtual nature of work can create barriers to building trust and forging strong relationships. Communication breakdowns occur, people misinterpret actions and productivity suffers for reasons unrelated to competence or  intentions. Personality differences can create misunderstandings, leading to conflict rather than collaboration.

Better Relationships, Better Results

Personalysis can help take the guesswork out of understanding why people do what they do, how to build stronger relationships, get better results and sustain higher levels of performance.

The Personalysis Profile is a personality assessment that provides insights into how people make decisions, communicate, perform at their best and cope under stress.  The simple, 15-minute online questionnaire generates a Personalysis Report and the Personalysis Colorgraph, an easy-to-use graphical personality snapshot.  The results — depicted as colors, shapes, and numbers — offers an easy way to better understand differences, help people grow, and collaborate with others.  The Colorgraphs serve as visual clues to help people stay on target.

Personalysis can help people overcome obstacles, accelerate teamwork and create more productive relationships throughout your organization.  Road blocks caused by style and personality differences can be cleared so people can stay focused on what matters.

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