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About Personalysis

Personalysis was developed by James R. Noland, a behavioral scientist specializing in management and organizational behavior. His research recognized that while academic performance, skills and knowledge are critical to an individual’s success, personality is often an even more important factor. 

Since 1975, Personalysis has offered a proprietary personality assessment that helps individuals, leaders and teams to improve communication, trust and collaboration, and enhance their overall effectiveness. The Houston-based company uses a network of highly trained, experienced consultants to provide employee assessment solutions, team development programs and executive development sessions for a wide range of clients.

Personalysis is most effective when used as part of integrated and ongoing development processes and programs. Organizations have used Personalysis to accelerate on-boarding and team effectiveness, integrating cultures during mergers and acquisitions and develop leaders.  Coaches and consultants use the incredible insights it offers to help clients gain a new appreciation for their own (and others’) strengths and open doors to new possibilities.  

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